Exclusive 100% tailored academic year abroad program just for you.

Study in a top Spanish university

An Amazing Academic Year Abroad

Imagine studying at one of the best universities in Spain in the mornings and going to the beach, surfing or practicing sports in the afternoons?

Would you prefer dancing, cooking, relaxing in a famous spa or just reading a book in your favourite spot instead?

What about enjoying food and drinks in a beautiful, vibrant city like Santander in the evenings?

You will love discovering the hidden secrets of Cantabria, one of the best European regions according to Lonely Planet.

How about flying to other major European cities from Santander international airport? A romantic weekend in Paris, a short break in London, enjoy ancient Rome or visit a festival in Madrid or Seville.

Most important of all is that you will feel safe at all times. Cantabria is the safest region in Spain and Spain has the second lowest crime figures in the whole of Europe.

Our dual program

Our dual program offers you university studies combined with regular Spanish lessons to achieve not just university credits but also mastering Spanish language.

Academic subjects

The Universidad de Cantabria will offer you subjects in Spanish, in English or in a mixture of both languages within different academic areas like Engineering, Business, Physics, Maths, History, etc.

Spanish course

The Spanish Program will focus on your Spanish level. Even if you have to start from scratch, we will make sure that your Spanish level improves dramatically while you spend your academic year abroad with us.

We will support you at all times

We’re not a multinational company. We’re a family run business with limited student numbers. That’s why we can offer exclusive programs 100% tailored for you!

We will counsel you and your family to make sure that you will be prepared to study in Spain before you arrive. We won’t just give you a few options and just let you apply to the Universidad de Cantabria, your school or your sports and cultural activities by yourself. We will suggest subjects or activities that are relevant for you, based on your capabilities, potential and what you’re hoping to achieve and we will always be there to support you with whatever you need.

What would I do after the lectures?

Once you finish your lectures at the university, your day is just beginning! You will be able to select your preferred sports, cultural or leisure activities. You will not just be able to choose between two or three activities or sports, we have a vast number to choose from and if it is not in the list, we will offer you help to match your preferences.

The best thing about participating in these activities is that you will be mingling with Spanish students and making new friends.

Spanish Courses

One of the main goals of The Spanish Program is that you achieve the highest Spanish level and become fluent in Spanish. For that, the program also offers you tuition in Spanish. Please have a look at The Spanish Course to get more information on our Spanish language courses. Thanks.