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​We have teamed up with the ORI (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales) of the Universidad de Cantabria.

Our program offers you the possibility of studying at the Universidad de Cantabria, one of the best universities in Spain.

The Universidad de Cantabria (UC) is ranked amongst the top three in Spain, both in education and research quality. It was also one of the first Spanish universities to be presented with the “International Campus of Excellence” award.

The UC offers its 12,500 students all the necessary facilities in an excellent campus, which is set in the area of Las Llamas in Santander, an open space that separates the city from the coast and the gorgeous beaches. The campus includes green spaces and sports areas.

The UC offers subjects amongst these fields: Education, Humanities, Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Economics, Business, Law, Tourism, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Mining, Energy Engineering and Nautical Studies. You can change your chosen subjects within 15 days of the beginning of the semester.

International accreditation

Most universities will recognize credits issued by the Universidad de Cantabria either as an exchange student or as a free mover. However, you will need to check whether your university will recognise the credits from the Universidad de Cantabria and which subjects will be accepted by them before applying.

Study in English or in Spanish

We offer three different programs to study at the UC.

Program 1: Subjects in English

All the subjects you study per semester will be taught and assessed exclusively in English.

Subjects taught in English
The University of Cantabria offers a wide range of courses taught in English. The courses can be combined with English friendly subjects.

Please visit the catalogue of courses taught in English and choose the subjects you would like to participate in. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate level and semester.

Program 2: English Friendly

“English friendly” subjects are taught in Spanish but with materials, tutorials and examinations in English.

These subjects belong to official degrees of the Universidad de Cantabria attended by Spanish students. They are taught in Spanish but lecturers will facilitate access to the course contents through bibliographic references in English to follow up on the subject. You can attend tutorials in English when you request them and you can also request to take exams in English.—English-Friendly-courses.aspx

Program 3: Subjects in Spanish

All the subjects you study will be taught and assessed 100% in Spanish and you will be treated as just another Spanish student.

You will be able to choose any subject from the range offered by the Universidad de Cantabria.

If your Spanish level is good enough you can choose between programs 2 and 3, which are taught in Spanish. However, if your Spanish is at a lower level, you can still study at the University of Cantabria but you will have to choose subjects among program 1. As an option, you can also live with an English family and/or take one of our Spanish courses if you want to improve your level.

Spanish courses

If needed, you can take a two-week Spanish course in order to improve your Spanish level before you go to the Universidad de Cantabria. During the course, we will offer help with your Spanish every time you need it. Our award-winning Spanish courses are one of the best options to learn Spanish. Click here for more information on our Spanish courses. You will also obtain an official SIELE examination at the end of your program.


Academic Year$26,938


Academic Year15th May – We can accept late applications but we can’t guarantee a place in the schools for late applicants.
Fall Semester15th May – We can accept late applications but we can’t guarantee a place in the schools for late applicants.
Spring Semester1st October – We can accept late applications but we can’t guarantee a place in the schools for late applicants.

Support from the UC

Orientation Session

The University of Cantabria organises a welcome orientation session before classes start in order to provide the student with a first contact with the university, the city of Santander and the Spanish culture in general.

Mentoring Program

This program helps foreign students to facilitate social integration into the University community. Mentors are selected out of former exchange students or students with an international background and are allocated a group of foreign students to help them throughout a month with different aspects involved in university life.

Support from The Spanish Program

Apart from the extensive support you will get from the ORI (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales), you can always count on The Spanish Program to support you with any question or issue that may arise.